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TrakPal Pro

4.2 ( 8272 ratings )
Продуктивність Навігація
Розробник: David Briggs
7.99 USD

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Race your friends virtually, compare performance or simply relive the action in playback mode.

Ultimate performance monitoring, recording and analysis tool. Compatible with iPhone and iPad 3G for Trak recording (GPS required), iPod Touch and iPad for analysis and playback (wifi required for mapping).

Share Traks
Share your recorded Trak with you friends to compete with them virtually. Use your iPhone for data recording and transfer your Trak to an iPad for performance monitoring and analysis, for example with your team during a pit stop. Copy your Trak to an iPod Touch to use as a virtual comparator in playback mode.

Analysis Mode
Browse you Trak data using the Analysis function. Find where crucial seconds were lost by checking 2 Traks against each other. Using an iPad Traks can be cropped to remove dead time at beginning or end of Trak runs.

Virtual Companion
Load Traks forwards or backwards so that you can compare outward bound with return journeys. Various displays show how you are performing against previous Trak recordings, for example Map display will show comparison Trak, comparator position and speed as well as current speed. Multi-function display compass will show relative position and range of comparator as well as destination Goto marker and of course your heading.

Playback Mode
Relive the experience as it happened in playback mode. Need more detail? Plug your iPhone into an appropriate monitor to show exactly what happened when in real time.

Comprehensive set of iPhone based real time navigation screens:

Map Display
Current location, Trak history, heading, direction to markers and comparators. Trak history can be colour coded to show speed, acceleration direction left/right, forward/backwards or total.

Multifunction Display
Speedometer, G-meters, compass, altimeter.

Real time Graphs
Acceleration, speed, altitude.

Summary Page
All you need statistics - speed, average speed, maximum speed, duration, distance, altitude, position and heading tape. Don’t get caught out in the dark - check anticipated lighting levels with Sun/Moon rise/set time and Moon phase.

Massive options list so you can adapt TrakPal to your personal needs and preferences. Supports kilometres per hour, miles per hour, knots and metres per second.

Email your position
Let your friends know where you are or simply email your statistics for your own records using built in email. Includes GPX route data and location links.

Other useful features:
Pedometer should you need to know how many strides you took while out running.
Speed warning alarms – avoid unnecessary fines and keep your licence!
G based alarms – reduce wear and tear on you vehicle or reduce loss of traction by using the g-alarms to promote smoother driving.
Goto Markers to count down distance to your destination.

Analyse your Traks using Trak Manager from the Mac App Store.